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English-to-l33t Translator

What is l33t?

d00d, 1f j00 d0n't kn0w w0t l33t b, th3n j00 1z n0t @ h4x0r.

Background: l33t (pronounced "Leet") is l33t for "Elite." It is a dialect of English believed to have evolved from programmers that were forced to use numerals and other characters to represent the alphabet due to frequent keyboard malfunction. The dialect had been dying due to the recent availability of better and cheaper keyboards, but is enjoying a bit of a renaissance lately. We at want to help keep it alive with this translator.

Update: Vocabulary extended [pwn, pwnt, teh, wot, dat, dis] in addition to other minor grammatical enhancements.

Update: X7r3|\/|3 |_337! or EXTREME LEET mode added. (use at own risk)


Type in some stuff here:

N0rm4l l33t
X7r3|\/|3 |_337!
Grammatical translation only (not very l33t)


Then watch it become instantly l33t here: