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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So, this is my second attempt at making my second post. The first ended in disaster when I tried to spellcheck it. Internet Explorer's security subsystem sprang to life, alerting me that some damn popup was trying to open without my permission. I patted the subsystem on the head, gave it a treat, and told it to allow all popups from this site. The subsystem looked at me quizzically, as if to ask, "Are you sure you want to allow all popups from this site?" I nodded. The browser complied and subsequently refreshed the page sans freshly written content.

Don't fret though, my first attempt wasn't that great anyway. It was about how I'd just done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, etc. and was about to go fix my own computer the rest of the way. (It's partially fixed, but for some reason is booting from my F: drive... everything works fine, but it just feels wrong booting from anything but C:.)

Now I just need to fight the urge to play GTA: San Andreas. I beat the game, but I've only discovered around 76% of the total game content according to the status screen. 76%! And that's after logging around 86 hours of gameplay. So now I'm improving my cycling skill and endurance so I can win the triathlon, plus taking over 'hoods and generally causing mayhem across the virtual world that is San Andreas. In summary, I beat the game, but cannot put it down. GTA is crack.


Anonymous jonathan ...

... And you have yet to hack the game.

Blogger Lee ...

btw, I failed to resist the lure of GTA last night, but here I am tonight on my own computer... reading up on hard drive jumper configurations and whatnot.

By the end of the evening, I hope to have this baby booting from C: like any "normal" computer should.

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