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karen rocks... too much

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I would just like to publicly thank my wife, Karen, for being the brains and brawn behind everything important that goes on in our household. Fastenau Corp would grind to a halt and close its doors forever if not for the operational excellence and strategic vision she provides. Her deft juggling skills boggle the mind. She tackles any task, from the mundane to the downright life-critical, with grace and poise.

Without her, we wouldn't be moving into a beautiful new home at the beginning of May, our finances would be a disaster, the apartment would appear permanently ransacked, we wouldn't have had the wonderful basil pesto shrimp and bowtie pasta we had tonight or any of the other wonderful meals she cooks for us, we wouldn't survive a day...

However, I would be the number one player in Wii Play Billiards.