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littlebigplanet beta has come and gone

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This began as a reply to this post, but it got a little long-winded.

Yes, the beta went quietly into this good night. I was at work when it happened (yes, the LBP beta ending is worthy of a "where were you when..." footnote in history). The next day, when I tried to launch LBP, I simply got a message stating that the content had expired. Simple and rather unceremonious, but that's how betas go, I guess.

I was one of the proponents of wiping the slate clean for the official release; clearing out all the uploaded levels and local user-generated content, but after Mm's announcement that they'd keep beta content, I really pushed hard on an RPG-like level I was building, but never got to publish it. I hope to publish it within a day or two of the retail release. I think it has a design aesthetic and narrative that could get traction with a lot of players.

For now, I find myself with graph paper and colored pencils trying to come up with creative mechanisms and puzzles to build when the game officially comes out.

I've been spending much of that time finding ways to represent logic gates, counters, memory and possibly a Turing-complete programming language... a very simple Turing-complete programming language. :) And the fact that I've used the term "Turing-complete" three times now should be a clue as to which language I will probably implement. :)

Looking forward to seeing all my LBP beta friends and plenty of new folks online on the 21st. That's only six days away!

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