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reflex cartridge mockups

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My good friend Jonathan Stovall created some beautiful label concepts for Reflex a while back and it seems we've both recently been struck by the urge (and availability) to get this project back on its feet and shipped out. Below are some cartridge mockups that I put together quickly that show off his amazing design. Click each image to enlarge.


Anonymous jonathan ...

We should start a design shop.

Blogger Lee ...

ixnay on the esign-day op-shay at ork-way!

Anonymous JRF ...

hahaha. Nice.

They are beautiful Jon.

Oh, and last night I wrapped up the first release of my Netflix Widget!

John Forsythe Web Projects

Whew, looks like it is the season for completing things.

Anonymous JRF ...

Should I also say congrats on the new CSS release for your site?

Blogger Lee ...

You may. :) It's not perfect yet, but you know how these things go.

Anonymous Aaron ...

Way to shamelessly self-promote, JR! :P

Anonymous JRF ...

shame...what is? :D

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