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easycare? not so much

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I just had to give the receptionist at the ADC EasyCare clinic in North Austin the business for telling Karen and me that they're a "walk-in clinic" (as their website claims) insofar as one is able to "walk in to make an appointment." No. She said I could leave a comment on the website! Uh, no! "I'm leaving a comment here. Fix the website. We drove in from South Austin and this is incredibly inconvenient." They even have a sign in the lobby that says this is a walk-in clinic, yet the receptionist is giving us some line about the website being innacurate. All the while, ONE PERSON in the waiting area! She confers with someone in the back, a doctor I assume, and finally agrees to let my wife be seen without an appointment. Not the first crappy customer experience story I have with these jokers. It's their front office people who are so terrible at their jobs... The nurses and doctors are great. Will defnitely bring this to someone's attention.

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Blogger jonstovall ...

That's just horrible. Customer service FAIL.

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