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a third submission

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeah. I think I need to stop obsessing over Little Big Planet. I can't sleep, I can't stop checking my e-mail and I'm jonesing for comments on flickr like a crack addict. I wonder how it's going to be when the game actually ships! I should go ahead and request that month off.

Anyway, I present to you submission number three:

LittleBigChallenge 001 - three

While I was pretty happy with the previous compositions, they still had that synthesized Photoshop smell to them. You know the one. It smells vaguely of filters... (This is what happens when a developer pretends he knows how to design) So I left Photoshop completely out of the equation and instead used a nifty old Apple II paint program called Blazing Paddles and took a photograph of the screen connected to my Apple //c.

This one is "me" for sure.

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Blogger Blue ...

Really incredible. I love the whole 8-bit revival. You captured it perfectly. New school by oldschool. I spent hours drawing little animation on my c-64. Reminds me fondly of those days.

Blogger Lee ...

Thank you very much, blue. Yes, I've definitely got a soft spot for all things 8-bits wide. I started pushing pixels around 1981 on the Apple II and haven't really stopped.

If you want to kick it really old school, you should give my Atari 2600 homebrew game Reflex a shot in an emulator. :)

Blogger Blue ...

I was checking that out. You did a real nice job on Relex. Are you aware of the growing 8-bit, chiptune, bliphop, nerdcore scene that is on the rise. Seems biggest stateside, in Florida right now. It is really much larger over seas though. It is coming.

Blogger Lee ...

Reflex was crazy fun to write.

I agree that this kind of stuff is getting bigger and I think it's awesome, but I "apply my art" in very specific and obscure ways. "Go download an emulator and play my homebrew" is still pretty nerdy, even for that scene.

But who knows. I might end up fine-tuning my hobbies in such a way that they'll get some traction with a broader audience....... err..... like my third submission to the LBP contest, I suppose. :)

Your insight has definitely got me thinking about ways to make my work more accessible... Thanks again.

Anonymous Soroush ...

OMG, I'm glad to see the symptoms of LBP addiction in someone else other than myself :) Good job on old-school theme. I hope I'm the first one to let you know that you've got a post on Media Molecule's blog:

Good luck :)

Blogger Lee ...

@soroush: Second, actually. Right after someone from Media Molecule. :)

Totally and utterly made my day.

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