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Friday, March 24, 2006

Well, I got this warm and fuzzy response today:
"Thank you for your email. We have reinstated your account for 48 hours to allow you to update your contact information. If you fail to update it with valid information in 48 hours, your domain will returned to a cancelled status."

In other words:

"Please, please, please forget to check your Hotmail account for 48 hours so we can keep and sell your totally sweet domain for one-hundred billion dollars!"

But I ask, why? Why is this even a policy of the domain host? As I said earlier, they're the ones with all my contact information. Why isn't, say, ICANN policing domain contact information? Aren't they the ones concerned about tracking down those unsavory types?

And let's assume that domain hosts everywhere have a deal with ICANN to perform this function in order to distribute the workload. Shouldn't the hosts only be responsible for identifying the offending domains (and not just the valuable ones) and forwarding the offending domains to ICANN or some intermediary to handle?

And finally, why 48 hours? What company gives anyone only 48 hours to do anything? Those are more like loan-shark turnaround times. I certainly felt like my domain host was threatening break my virtual legs if I didn't follow through.

What an awesome business relationship this experience has built. I'm considering going back to my old domain hosting company. They were smaller and more expensive, but I'd only had pleasant interactions with them.


Anonymous JRF ...

Lets find new domain hosts. I can't belive this. I am going to digg it. Crazy!

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