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chopping at the beat

Thursday, August 31, 2006

That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling. I think the phrase most people are familiar with is "champing at the bit." However, I first heard it as "chopping at the beat" from my Korean friend and fellow bus boy, Jun Lee, who was expressing his desire for our shift to end while working at Greenstreet way back in 1990. It took me forever to figure out what he was saying despite my having grown up with an ESL mom. It also didn't help that I was (somewhat embarrassingly) unfamiliar with the American phrase. We probably wasted a good ten minutes going back and forth.

"Try saying it slower."


If memory serves, he and I shared the same birthday, but he was a few years older. Jun Lee was a great guy and a good friend during a particularly uncertain part of my life.

As for why I'm currently chopping at the beat... I'll have to post more on that later, but here's a hint: It's related to my last post.


Anonymous Aaron ...

I know your seekret!

Anonymous Shannon ...

Congrats & kudos & such... even though I'm not one of the cool kids and my best guess is that you've got a sweet gig animating the next ad Kermit The Frog stars in. (clues? green redesign and the "ribbits" being exchanged elsewhere.)

lol... I have nothing if not a fertile imagination. I'm sure the reality is even better.

Blogger Lee ...

Well, I'm just about to post about it. You're half right. It is a sweet gig, but doesn't involve Kermit. (Escape Hybrid much?)


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