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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm still alive — though you wouldn't know it to visit my site (brushes away cobwebs and breaks off a chunk of rotted wooden support beam). I've been extremely busy with home and work. My sister and niece came down from Des Moines for a wonderful week-and-a-half visit and returned home just yesterday. I managed to swing three days off during the visit despite being steeped in a relatively demanding project (particularly demanding for me as it's my first foray into WPF production work — thankfully, I've gotten lots of encouragement and some good old-fashioned hand-holding from the lead dev, whose name is also Lee.)

I also survived the densest part of the year when it comes to gift-buying (which I dread because I suck at it), second only to Christmas. Karen and Macy have birthdays not a week apart, followed by our wedding anniversary — our eleventh to be precise. A good friend of ours, Jen, was gracious enough to watch the kids so we could actually celebrate it this year. Last year, our ten year "aluminum" anniversary was celebrated with some quick "Happy Anniversaries" amidst trying to sell our home and move to Austin due to the new job. This year, we at least got to dress up and hit Ruth's Chris downtown for fabulous steaks then catch a movie: Balls of Fury (my choice... and I've already apologized... numerous times).

Thanks, Joe, for spurring me to post something. It was long overdue! Love your blog, btw. :)

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Blogger John Forsythe ...

Yay, an update. I hope you can share with us some of the projects you have been working on and get some dang pictures up to flickr one of these days.

Nice to see you make an update still.

Blogger Lee ...

Okay, so I say "I'm busy." Truthfully, I've been spending far too many hours playing Metroid Prime 3. Beyond the typical work day, care and feeding of the familial pod, I've been logging hellacious hours on the Wii, destroying the Phazon-infected Pirate menace. It's like crack in its addictiveness and like flan in its ability to fill in every empty void. It's "cran" or "flack" and it's keeping me from doing things like updating my flickr or washing my car.

Blogger Aaron ...

lol Balls of Fury. I cringed at the mere thought of suggesting that as an anniversary movie with Shannon. :)

Good to hear from you again!

Blogger Lee ...

Well, we hadn't checked listings before we decided to catch a movie... and it was the next thing showing... and the previews looked funny enough...

Listen, I already went through all this with Karen. (Actually, she really enjoyed it. I, having seen all the highlights in the previews, was the one who was disappointed.)

Blogger joeplanet ...

Thanks for the shout out, Lee. I would say something about the movie but it looks like you covered it. Congrats on number 11! So if 10 is aluminum, what is 11? Chinette? Halite? Sock puppets?

Blogger Lee ...


I think "Chinette" is too specific (and copyrighted). I believe 11 is the "vacuum-formed recycled pulp" anniversary.

Blogger Aaron ...

Actually, the 11th wedding anniversary is knit super heroes.

Blogger joeplanet ...

So, sock puppets are pretty close. I mean, they are my super heroes.

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