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world of burgertime

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I had this idea for a classic videogame-themed MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for those of you that are Karen) called World of Burgertime. Naturally, it takes the best of the current hot trends in MMORPGs and mashes them together with nostalgic 8-bit bliss like so much boiled potatoes. What you get is a retro, colorful world that hearkens back to the hey-day of quarter-activated amusements... The early 80's.

A typical conversation between players might go something like this:

LettisSuks9: "What's your WoBT character?"

FallingPatty: "Level 39 egg. You?"

LettisSuks9: "I'm a level 60 pickle slice. Almost have a complete set of epic condiments."

FallingPatty: "Cool. What pieces you missing?"

LettisSuks9: "Just Mayo. We're fighting Chef tonight, so hopefully he'll drop it. Last time, we wiped right at the very end... his pepper AOE spell's a bitch. Stunned our main hotdogs, then took out the rest of us with sliced tomatoes and sesame seed buns."

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Blogger jerod ...

Having now spent almost a week playing the new "World of Burgertime" expansion "The Burning Kitchen" I can attest to the need for leet condiments....

Blogger Lee ...

Nice. I couldn't resist pouncing on this... :)

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