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my logan runneth over

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised by my (rather neglected) Netflix queue when Logan's Run (1976) arrived a few days ago. I would guess I was about nine (c.1981) when I last saw this movie and I could barely recall any of it when I added it to my queue, other than the fact that it was science-fictiony and involved some guy named Logan... who was running... probably away from something... or something along those lines. And it was probably going to be a good nostalgia trip.

So I popped the DVD in and... Wow. Right off the bat, the special effects were terribly dated. The acting was so-bad-it's-good, even hilarious at times. And the plot line was thin and confusing. It had so much in common with my favorite movie, Tron (1982), that I couldn't help but love it. Plus, it had something Tron utterly lacked. T&A—Jessica (Jenny Agutter) is not at all hard on the eyes.

Okay, so I write terrible reviews, but how about that title, eh?

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Blogger Bill ...

Howdy, stranger! Gotta say, I've never seen Logan's Run, although the guy who's directing its remake is also doing ...

... wait for it ...

... the Tron remake!

Here are a few articles that might tickle your fancy on AICN:

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