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what are the odds

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First some background. So I get the inspired idea to query "i was there" on flickr, hoping to see wondrous and amazing things like celebrity sightings, chemical fires, and amazing moments in sports, but I flubbed the search a little... Instead of putting "i was there" in quotes or tag-ifying it as "iwasthere", I ended up searching for matches on photos that contained "i" and "was" and "there."

Anyway, the result set was still interesting. But this photo in particular caught my eye. Nobody is that stupid... but there it is. A man leaping between two rocks towering 900 meters above the ground... in flip-flops.

Naturally, I am compelled to then perform a search on "moron". And look who is at the top of the list? What are the odds?

(Query results will change over time. Trust me, at the time of this writing, the flip-flop leaper was the top moron on flickr.)

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