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overpriced software

Monday, October 19, 2009


Gawd, I'm sick of people complaining about overpriced (i.e., "not free") iPhone apps. They just don't appreciate that quality software takes a huge investment of time and money to design, build, and test. They'll even sit there and write a glowing review and then blast the $.99 price tag. Insane. I, on the other hand, have been very impressed with the overall bang-to-buck ratio of most of the apps I've purchased. I even find it difficult to complain about the occasional steaming pile of an app that I paid a dollar for. Seriously. What should we expect for one dollar these days? Walk into a convenience store with a buck and ask yourself that question again.

These people have probably spent more on a single console game than they have on their entire collection of iPhone apps. They need to get some perspective! Complain about features, write meaningful reviews, then the rest of us can make an informed determination about whether the app is worth the money. Whining about the price just makes them sound like a bunch of cheapskates who wish the App Store would just get hacked already.



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