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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today was the beginning of my second week at frog and I feel myself slowly coming out of my shell. By my reckoning, I should be a full-on tadpole by the end of the week, graduating from "annoying new quiet guy" to "annoying new guy that won't shut the hell up." This is a wholly new experience for me.

After one week, I still have a lot of adjusting to do. I've gone from working in a building with 17,000 esteemed colleagues to a significantly smaller space with around 70. From having a thousand in-house amenities to having sixth street and all it offers just two blocks away. From having earned the trust of my coworkers to having to earn trust all over again. I hope and expect to build relationships as strong here as I had at my old company. When the COO of a Fortune 200 company finds out you're leaving and calls to wish you well, I think that's some trust right there.

Anyway, back to the topic. I'm working with this guy, Jared, who is frankly a super-genius. I thought I was a geek, but I can't hold a candle (or a tube) to this guy!


Anonymous jonathan ...

Aw, man. I miss your compliments. :(

Blogger Lee ...

Jonathan, you know you're a kick-ass designer.

Here's what you need to do:
Find a desk where you'll be appreciated, even if that means moving north one or two cubicles, aisles, buildings, or zip codes.

Anonymous Shannon ...

Congrats (and so glad to hear about the COO call... there is *some* goodness left in the world!) I'd expect nothing less for someone of your tenure and talents, but it's still very good to hear that expectation >= reality.

I am going to have to steal your moving north cubicles/aisles/bldgs/ZIPs comment, btw! I hope it's released under the Creative Commons for said usage. ;)

Blogger Lee ...

Jonathan pointed out to me the date is borked. I made this post on October 9th, not September 26th.

Blogger billybobtexas ...

Houston's Lee? Houston's??? We will have to meet for dinner there sometime. Or there's always strolling the asiles of Frys for deals on widgits. Thats just as appetizing.

Blogger Lee ...

For sure. Do you make it out to Austin on a regular basis? I'll e-mail you with my new cell.

(Still haven't been to Fry's.)

Blogger billybobtexas ...

Fry's Rocks.

Blogger billybobtexas ...

Fry's Rocks. Did I mention Non-X Rocks also? We played a show lastnight and rocked the house, 1000+ in attendance... i'm still on a high from that. I have pro video from it, we'll be throwing that online soon. (sorry to go off subject)

Blogger qotu ...

I want to meet this new Jared. A super-genius eh? Are you all coming to sxsw, since it's just down the stairs from your office?

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