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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My computer room is a perpetual mess these days. It feels like everything I do to organize that room results in adding one more box full of stuff to the dwindling available floorspace. Well, as of last night... that is actually still the case, but...

I did take time to set up the Atari 2600 once again. Good times... It's connected to Karen's old "pre-Lee" 13-inch TV through a VCR (in case I need to submit a score to Twin Galaxies, ya' know!). All the cabling, including the Supercharger audio cable that I use for Atari development, is nicely tucked out of view. It's a good setup, quite conducive to casual 8-bit, bleepy mayhem.

There was ample testing involved, naturally. I kicked some butt (virtual butt, as I was playing alone) on Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Yars' Revenge, and my game, Reflex. I also got pretty far on Thomas Jentzsch's incredible homebrew title Thrust+. I feel an Atari homebrew renaissance coming on...

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an open letter to...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

...this guy.

Hey man, let's get Reflex published already. The latest revision is bug-free and ready to go (the version I posted on AtariAge so long ago is old and slightly buggy). I think the documentation is 90% written... maybe missing some acknowledgments, but I can tie that all up fairly quickly. The manual needs to be designed though. The last time we talked about it, I think we liked the idea of simply reusing the label art you had done. Do you still have the artwork files? I was thinking I could start an Illustrator document, drop in and lay out the content, then hand it off to you for artwork and polish. I know very little about print, so...

Anyway, what's spurring this on is continued interest in the game. Earlier this week, I was contacted by a hobbyist who builds carts and sells them on ebay, and offering royalties for doing so. I figure, the game is languishing, there's no reason not to publish it. All the hard work is done. So let's just do it! :)


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